Vision CSR

Being a leading international cement company in Southeast Asia with performance excellence with stakeholders and contribution to sustainable development.

Mission CSR

  • Implement operating performance which govern the good governance, friendly with the environment, able to improve the quality of life of employees and surrounding communities.
  • Be ethical behavior in the spirit of social responsibility in all company and stakeholders.
  • Realize operating practices fair, humane, religious awareness and maintaining local wisdom for Stakeholder progress and sustainable business growth.
  • Develop and create shared value values so as to obtain high efficiency in the company’s operations and culture harmoniously synergize for sustainable development progress for all stakeholders.

Strategic Purpose

Improve reputation and corporate credibility through community development activities that are integrated with business strategy.

Kindergarten Semen Gresik

Kindergarten Semen Gresik Program  :  
1. Teacher :
The school guarantees the availability of competent educational resources with S1 qualifications in accordance with the field being taught.The school continues to innovate to develop the quality of educators by following the training, workshops, seminars and other activities that support and improve the quality of education. The provision of educational and educational resources is always monitored through supervision in accordance with requirements, both statutory requirements, quality management requirements and student expectations.
2. Personal Development :
– English
– Computers
– Dancing
– Painting
– Music

Graduating Children :
Graduates of Kindergarten Semen Gresik have entered a quality school, and continue to favorite colleges, and many have worked professionally and occupy important positions both in government and private institutions.