PT Semen Gresik Tbk. as a company trying to in the industry, cements, mining, production, goods and services trading, energy, waste management investment and pemberiaan services relating to cement maker and/ or other industries have commitment to always improve additional value for stakeholders .In managing company , board of directors set a policy as follows:

  1. Always trying to meet the expectations and the needs of the consumers as well as give priority to quality, the
  2. availability of and services.
  3. Make efforts increasing efficiency, productivity and production capacity in order to meet with the market demands and to maintain market share of mastery of domestic and develop the regional market.
  4. Make efforts the fulfillment of raw materials and energy as well as expand Organization Capital, Information Capital and Human Capital to guarantee the continuity of our operating costs and business growth.
  5. Increase the value of the company through the business development with the potential resources to optimize the use of owned and business opportunities that exist and carry out strategic projects being productive and effective independently.
  6. Strengthen synergy group in terms of increasing competitiveness with the resources and to optimize the use of
  7. network business owned company.

Managing and control all activities company with:

a. Always obey regulation & legislation of relevance to a business firm.
b. The management of a better environment to anticipate the impact of global warming , including the reduction of the air pollutants, the reduction and the utilization of waste B3 and/ or non B3, water conservation, protection on biological diversity, as well as energy efficiency.
c. Management work safety and health to prevent an accident and disease caused by work and scene dangerous.
d. The management and optimization of assets to create a safe operational, efficient and productive.
e. The fulfillment of Indonesia National Standard (SNI) and international standards, do our tests use the tools.terkalibrasi, a method of testing of which are standards as well as support human resources who are competent and free pressure.
f. proactively increase a commitment to the development of the surrounding community .

An increase in profitability, environmental management and empowerment residents who company did in line with function triple bottom line and always aspect risks and that best practices “Good Corporate Governance” (GCG to realize international companies. Company policy communicated to stakeholders and be implemented consistently, evaluated and be increased continuously in an activity plan is poured in the company.