Marketing Communications

The Company made various efforts to enhance brand equity and customer loyalty in order to maintain the position of market leader. To get feedback from customers to improve the quality of products and services in the future, the Company periodically conduct market surveys to get a complete picture of the market include:

  • The level of consumer satisfaction,
  • Identify changing patterns of consumer demand, and
  • Knowing the position of the Company’s product brands in the minds of consumers.

Survey was also conducted to determine the most effective media to be used as a means of increasing loyalty and brand image. Developments in technology and social media affect consumer behavior change to more freely look for information in an interactive product, so the role of the community is believed to be the most effective media to drive customer preference for a particular product. Therefore, the survey was also conducted to determine the most effective media to be used as a means of increasing loyalty and brand image. Based on these survey results, the Company chose to conduct several media marketing communications, namely: television, media promo outdoor (billboards, neon, billboards, shop signs), print media (newspapers, magazines, tabloids), posters and radio.

Marketing communication strategy, then focus on media development that leads to the formation of community and customer loyalty. During 2012, the Company then perform the activity or marketing communications program as follows:

  • Ad serving in the National television station.
  • Television advertising in the media network focused on buildings, offices, shopping centers and hotels in Java and Bali.
  • Through national magazines every month and also communication products to the general public about the use of the product in the application program “sturdy house” in newspapers and tabloids every two weeks.
  • Installation and mounting billboard sign shop to shop in the marketing of the Company.

Facing increasing competition and in order to anticipate an increase in production capacity, the Company’s marketing communications program focused on optimizing the use of the product with the electronic media, print media and outdoor media. To create groups of customers (users) and the loyal people in each area, the company formed a community of users and develop communications that involve the active participation of the users and the public. In addition, to tie customer loyalty, especially in the product distribution channels the Company has executed a long-term program points, direct merchandising and national direct mail to all customer segments. The Company also encourages an active role in developing the distributor warehouse distributor to maintain adequate stock at distributor warehouse or at the warehouse store. To help improve the efficiency of inventory levels, the Company developed an information system inventory in the warehouse distributor that is integrated with the Company’s information systems.

Customer service
To establish two-way communication with customers as well as to improve the quality of services to
consumers, the Company made a variety of things, including:

  • Open service customer complaints through several channels, namely through the toll-free phone,
  • mail, email and SMS either from the end user, store or distributor.
  • Publishing  a  newsletter  as  a  medium  of  communication  with  Distribution  Channels  PT  Semen
  • Indonesia (Persero) Tbk.
  • Providing  leadership  souvenir  to  distributors  who  were  celebrating  a  birthday

The Company also evaluated thoroughly for any complaints and coordinate with relevant parties to prevent the occurrence of similar complaints. In addition the company organizes regular visits program by Tim Manufacturing Technical Services to customers, Readymix and projects to give presentations Product Knowledge, the facilitation of the process of cement into advanced products. To maintain the safety and health of its customers, the Company continues to maintain the quality of cement bags are used and careful consideration of the total volume and weight of each sack of cement for the retail market.

Consumer Protection Policy

The Company operates a policy to protect the safety of customers in using its products. To protect the security and safety of our customers from the risk of injury, the Company implemented the following:

  • Cement Product information conveyed through the packaging sacks of cement as well as through special  brochures  were  distributed  periodically  to  all  subscribers  channel  includes  Distributors, Stores, Manufacturing & Ready Mix Concrete, Builders and Home Appliances.
  • Packaging  zak  only  post  information  about the  conditions  of  use  of  the  product, also  includes
  • consumer protection information by including the procedures for correct storage of cement on the back side zak Cement.
  • Detailed information on the security guard and safety (handling and storage of cement) has been available in the Books Home Sturdy Semen Gresik and Brochures are periodically distributed to all subscribers channel includes Distributors, Stores, Manufacturing & Ready Mix Concrete, Builders and Home  Appliances.  The  Company  is  also  implementing  the  provisions  of  product  information, delivered in proportion in the brochure which contained the following information:
    • Terms dose Cement usage.
    • Information Semen quality standards.
    • Information usefulness, advantages and benefits of using cement products.
    • Handling and storage of Cement.
    • Logo Products as an icon of quality cement products.

Program Promotion
The Company conducted a series of promotional programs, namely:

  • Sturdy Home Program Award

Brand activation programs are packaged to be able to interact directly with the consumer (end user), the object of buildings (houses) registered by the individual or the end user. Assessment is done through several factors including the age, quality of construction, layout, visual architecture, green concept, as well as conformity to the regulations set by the government such as the availability of recharge facilities, greening land etc.. In addition to the purpose community building and customer

loyalty, this program leads to the stimulation of the formation of a positive effect of word of mouth as well as imaging and brand reinforcement.

  • Party Builders Program

Loyalty programs are packaged to be able to interact directly with the artisan communities that have formed, executed in the form of gathering and strengthening product knowledge.