“Competitiveness in cement industry becoming more and more tensed, due to excessive supply of cements. With the economy growth, governors’ commitments in infrastructure development, and consumption per capita rate in Indonesia that is still low, Indonesia becoming an interesting and promising market for cement industry. Higher competition rate within cement industry will not lessen the investment in cement industry in Indonesia considering market growth in the future. The success that President Jokowi brought in massive infrastructure development, will lead to expanding new economic center in various regions of Indonesia. Thus, increasing cement needs in the near future.

Adopting the success of Japan, as a developed country that’s unprosperous in natural resources but can maintain to build their infrastructures to become one of the most powerful country using other countries’ resources as the added values, Indonesia surely can do that too. The key is joining the capable human resources and the prosperous natural resources that Indonesia has.

PT Semen Gresik that has notably experienced in cement industry for years, building strong and historical brand in providing cement in developing the country. As the slogan saying “Undefeatedly Strong” (Kokoh Tak Tertandingi), Semen Gresik has been proved to become trusted brand in many substantial developing projects in Indonesia, to become one of the nation’s pride. In a few years back, Semen Gresik had been trusted to build national monument (Monumen Nasional/Monas), Istiqlal Mosque, DPR/MPR Building, Semanggi Bridge, and many more. Semen Gresik also had been trusted in more recent projects, such as, Suramadu Bridge (the longest bridge in Indonesia), Benoa-Bali Highway, LRT Jabodetabek, and many more. These shown the quality that Semen Gresik promised to provide cement as the main material in developing monumental buildings in Indonesia.

Semen Gresik supports one billion houses program that initiated by President Jokowi. Other than providing high-quality and eco-friendly products, to support this program, Semen Gresik will continue to innovate, such as creating knock-down house product from the floor to the roof as in Lego game. From this innovation, our company has been increasing competitive strength with expanding material products, not only to support products’ absorption, but also to add values in giving the company bigger and more sustainable benefit opportunities. And also through this innovation, our company will always be involved in developing the country as the spirit of “BUMN exists for the country” (BUMN hadir untuk negeri).

We believe that our purpose to continually grow in the future will be accomplished, as a result of the best human resources our company has. The spirit of CHAMPS and SMI (Synergy, Militant, and Integrity) have been implemented and continuously improved to always get the better result. Hence, preserving our company value to produce qualified, adaptive, integrity, synergy, and competitive human resources in the future, and to become the champion in cement industry competitiveness.


PT Semen Gresik